Typical time after a major or minor Minecraft update that Paper is deemed "stable"?


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Mar 3, 2022
I run a small private server for my friends and me, so I don't have to worry about many of the things that commercial servers do. However, I still take great care to keep the server in good shape and follow best practices. It is currently running the last 1.18.1 build + ViaVersion for 1.18.2 support, so updating is no rush. This is just a topic I'm curious about.

Basically, assuming that you want your server to be stable and running the latest version of Minecraft (rather than 1.8 + ViaVersion...), how long should one typically wait to update a server after Paper releases the first build of a major update (e.g. 1.18) and a minor update (e.g. 1.18.2)? Also, are there any indicators I could look for that [x] version's builds are stable or not yet stable (for example, in the changelog)?

Thank you for your time.


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Dec 14, 2021
Cologne, Germany
We consider Paper stable when we make an announcement stating so. There is no way to guess that beforehand, every update is different, 1.18.2 was way bigger than 1.18.1 for example.
Announcement for 1.18.2 was here https://forums.papermc.io/threads/paper-1-18-2.185/
so its safe for you to update your server, in fact, we no longer support 1.18.1 so you already missed out on some fixes.