Question Stupidly high ping when using anti-xray engine mode 2


New member
Apr 20, 2022
So, something very strange is happening with engine mode 2. I much prefer to use it as it works a lot better than engine mode 1. My server can certainly handle it.

BUT what is SO weird, is engine mode 2 causes me to have CRAZY horrific ping but only sometimes? If I turn it to engine mode 1 I don't have high ping.

So you may be thinking, ok your internet sucks, but no I am on fiber, and my connection to the server is great. The server is hardly using any bandwidth and hardly any CPU. So I think there is a glitch. Super big bummer, but oh well using engine mode 1 for now.

Basically I am 99.9% certain its not the servers resources, my connection, the servers connection. It only happens to me, nobody else, my internet is 1000mbps+ super low latency to the server, the server has even better internet than that. So what the heck? there must be a glitch.

and yeah just so people don't just say "ItS yOuR INtErNet" without reading
I am on fiber, there are people connected to the server with 1/100 the speed and almost 100 times more latency than me who aren't having problems. Its only with engien mode 2 of the anti xray something is def up.