Feedback Scores on the scoreboard in the book cannot be displayed normally


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Jan 20, 2023
We are a team that makes maps based on the original command. Recently, when we made online maps with paper server(use version is paper-1.19.3-381 and no plugins are installed), we found a problem, that is, we can't read the scoreboard scores in the book.
It can be reproduced in the server in the following ways:
join a paper server and get op
/scoreboard objectives add test dummy
/scoreboard players set test test 1
/give @p written_book{pages:['["",{"text":"Test Score="},{"score":{"name":"test","objective":"test"}}]'],title:"test",author:"test"}
And use /tellraw @s ["",{"text":"Test Score="},{"score":{"name":"test","objective":"test"}}] ,the score exist.
Now open book,the score is not displayed.
In singleplayer mode and vanilla server,score can be displayed normally in the book.
There are three photos of the situation of singleplayer mode, vanilla server and paper server.Singleplayer.pngVanilla server.pngPaper server.png

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Dec 17, 2021
There is a setting in the global configuration file that disables components resolving inside books. It's called resolve-selectors-in-books. The default is to disable it because there are some ways players can abuse it to cause server stalls.