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Player Analytics is the ultimate server staff tool to monitor how players are playing your server.
A built in webserver displays insights into different aspects on the server such as Online activity, Playerbase and how these change over time.

Plan supports multiple different platforms and versions;
Paper, Velocity, Waterfall, Spigot, Sponge, SpongeForge, Bungeecord, Fabric, Cauldron & all derivatives.



Requirements: MySQL & Open port for a webserver
  • Supports multiple servers
  • Offers information about players, such as when they play and how they play
  • Performance monitoring on servers with TPS, CPU, Ping and other numbers such as entity counts
  • Access common game analytics such as daily active users, monthly active users, as well as new player retention
  • Powerful query features to find information about groups of players
  • Data Extension API for displaying data from other plugins

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