Plugin Release DropRatesPlus

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Minecraft Versions
Tested with 1.19
Compatible Java Versions
Tested with Java 17
DropRatesPlus is a simple Spigot/Paper plugin designed to buff the drop rates of different items. For example, you can set it so that if a creeper drops gunpowder, he always drops 5 extra. Here's an example config file so you can figure out how to format it...
Apache config:
drop-materials: ["GUNPOWDER", "ROTTEN_FLESH"]
buff-amount: [3, 6]
In this example, gunpowder drops are buffed by 3 and the rotten flesh drops are buffed by 6.

Installation instructions:
Drop the plugin into your plugins folder and start your server. When it starts, you're presented with the default config that buffs creeper drop rates. If you wish to edit the config, you must first shut down your server, edit the config to your liking and start it again. Report any bugs if found and enjoy the plugin!