Plugin Release CustomPotionAPI - make your own potion

With this api you can create your own custom effect very easily by implements the CustomPotionEffectType interface and register the type with CustomPotionManager#registerPotionEffectType.
There are lots of non-abstract methods in the interface as optional effect behaviors, you can override them if you want.
For more detailed information about this API please look up the javadoc (everything is commented by English, although my English isn't very well).

Make your potion more flexible: you can modify your potion item depends on the effect's properties.
I have tried my best to make the potion acts like vanilla potion, the potion/splash potion/lingering potion is now supported well.

NOTE: this API can not add the effect icon displayed next to your inventory in the game.

This is my first try to make a plugin like this, so please send me issues or suggestions if you have any idea about this api.
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