Question Can't connect to new server in lokal Network


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Jan 9, 2022
Hello everyone,

I set up a papermc on a fresh raspberry pi 3 installation. But I can't connect to the server.

I used this easy Installationscript:

wget -O
chmod +x

The start of the server looks pretty good:

The server ist listening to the right port:
[email protected]:~ $ netstat -nlat | grep 25565 tcp6 0 0 :::25565 :::* LISTEN

I want to use the server in my local network. But I can't connect to the server in Minecraft. For testing I forwarded the port 25565 to the server.

For testing I tried to connect over local IP and Internet IP.

I don't know how I can fix that. Any tips for me?

Best regards

P.s. sorry for my English. If it's hard to understand I will try the Google translator next time