Plugin Release BetterSecurity | ✨ The best security for your server!

The plugin that protects you, in times of need! 100% customizable, and working from 1.8.x up to the latest versions.


  • 100% customizable via file.
  • Block all the complete tab, which shows your server commands /[TAB](You can bypass this feature via permission, player, or uuid).
  • Add custom commands to the full tab, which all players can see. Or by creating groups for your staff.
  • Warn your staff, and also the console of any violation (You can choose from the configuration where you want it to be active)
  • Block all syntaxes, such as /<plugin>: <command>
  • Block all commands via Blacklist or Whitelist.
  • It blocks commands and makes them accessible only from the console.
  • It blocks the commands and makes them accessible only to the players on the list.
  • You can block commands by adding separate functions for the violation.
  • You can replace the writings of other plugins, or minecraft that are sent in chat, with whatever you want.
  • You can prevent malicious players from becoming an operator, having additional permissions, or groups they shouldn't have.
  • Supports PlaceholderAPI, ProtocolLib
  • From version 1.16+, HEX color codes are supported
  • [NEW] Port bypass prevention.
  • [NEW] Added Bungeecord/Waterfall support.
  • [NEW] Added customizable unknown command for versions 1.19+.

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