Suggestion Ability to interact with Paper API through RCON


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Jan 14, 2022
I think the title explains it pretty well. Right now with RCON, you can call MC commands, and that's it. I think that Paper should have the ability to connect the API to RCON, mainly for cross-coding language support. Even though it wouldn't be quite as efficient as a true plugin, you can now pretty much make a plugin with any language that supports TCP connections. So basically, almost every language. I think this would push Paper over the top as the best server platform for developers, and just a well received change in general. Thanks for reading this, hope it's considered!


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Dec 14, 2021
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I don't think that is worth anybodies time.
It also sounds like a giant security issue waiting to be exploited.
I would suggest instead checking out graalvm, it allows you to, for example, write paper plugins in javascript, typescript, ruby, R or python at near native performance.
you can look at grakkit for example:
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Jan 23, 2022
RCON as a protocol is designed to give remote access to the console + some game stats to be compatible with certain game server wrappers.

Giving it more power then that is an abuse of the protocol, frankly, and people won't be expecting it.

That said, you could always install a plugin that allows calling of arbitrary API methods from commands, if you really like shooting yourself in the foot.

This is not suitable for a production server, as it has no form of permissions, but it shows that something like this would be possible:
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