Plugin Release (a fork of) BuildersUtilities - A curated bundle of tiny features that help builders do their thing.


A curated bundle of tiny features that help builders do their thing.


This plugin is a fork of Arcaniax's Builder's Utilities with customizable messages and nicer-looking GUIs. Be aware that the two plugins do not function exactly the same; they differ greatly in some areas.

What's different?​

  • Every message is easily configurable and uses MiniMessage syntax.
  • World interactions respect PlotSquared and WorldGuard restrictions.
  • Both the permissions and the commands have been completely redone. (See the plugin.yml for an updated list!)
  • All the GUIs have been revamped. Everything looks and feels a lot nicer.
In addition to that, everything has been polished and reviewed, rigorously, by me, over a couple sleepless nights. Now that's what I call quality code.


(There's another GIF that these forums won't display because it's too large, but you can see it at the plugin's Modrinth page if you'd like!)


If you like this plugin, consider donating or even just starring the GitHub repository. I really appreciate it! ❤️
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Jan 11, 2022
Version 1.5.0 has been released, containing support for Minecraft 1.18.2, bug fixes, features, and many exciting changes! Check out the full changelog at the GitHub release page.