Plugin Release [1.19] VillagerRestock — unlock unlimited trades on your server


Villager restock is an optimized and configurable alternative to Villager Restocking and Infinite Trades datapacks.

Key Features:

  • Allow villagers to restock their offers without limits (vs. vanilla limit is 2 times each 10 minutes);
  • Reset demands on villagers offers;
  • Clear negative, positive and trade reputations for players.
It's as simple as that :)

# I'd only use reset-restock property to keep the game close
#   to vanilla behaviour and remove this annoying 10m cooldown
#   between restocks. Though, I still implemented reputations and
#   demands resets just in case someone reckons that it should also
#   be changed on their servers.
  # Resets villager's RestocksToday NBT tag so that
  #   10m restock cooldown doesn't start.
  reset-restock: true
  # Resets the demand on merchant recipes, so they don't
  #   higher the price anymore. Doesn't affect negative
  #   demands (i.e. Hero of the Village effect).
  reset-demands: false
    # Clears negative reputations.
    #   (prices no longer get higher when you damage/kill villagers)
    clear-negative: false
    # Clears trade reputations.
    #   (disables trading bonuses from upgrading villagers to a certain level)
    clear-trade: false
    # Clears reputation for cured villagers.
    #   (disables trading bonuses from curing zombified villagers using golden apples)
    clear-cure: false


New member
Mar 19, 2023
this looks super sweet and useful, and I think this will definitely help with trades. Do you know of a plugin that allows zombified villager trades to stack like in vanilla? I've found that with the paper servers the zombie villager trades don't stack like vanilla.