Plugin Release [1.18.2] Vane - Immersive and lore friendly enhancements for vanilla Minecraft

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About vane​

Vane provides many immersive and lore friendly extensions for vanilla minecraft. It runs on any papermc based server.
  • If you dislike any feature, you can disable it individually.
  • Features are designed to be lore friendly, properly integrated and unobtrusive
  • Augments the classic vanilla experience, and doesn't try to replace it.


For a comprehensive guide, visit the Installation Guide.

To install vane, simply download all desired jars files from the Releases and put them into the plugins/ directory.
You can grab the if you don't want to download each file by hand.
Then start your server and enjoy playing!


For a full user-centric overview and explanation of all features, visit the online overview.
All features are modularized and can be disabled independently of each other. If you don't want a certain feature, simply disable it.

Quality of life (vane-trifles)​

  • Walk faster on grass paths
  • Harvest finished crops by right-clicking (or by using a Sickle)
  • Double doors open simultaneously
  • Sort chests with redstone
  • Modify individual connections of walls, fences, etc. and easily modify stair shapes using the File
  • Store XP in bottles
  • Limit anvil repair cost to remove 'too-expensive'
  • All recipes will be unlocked automatically when joining the server
  • Access to gigantic head library (>30000 heads) for decorative purposes, including in-game menu to search and acquire heads by category, tags or name.
  • Use the Portal Scrolls to get home or back to where you last used a scroll!
  • The Sickle allows you to harvest a small radius of finished crops. Similar to the hand-harvesting addition, this will drop only product and no seeds.
  • The File allows you to modify block individual connections of fences, walls, glass panes and blocks alike.
  • The Empty Experience Bottle allows you to bottle your experience (right click) for later use. Drinking the full bottle will grant you the stored experience. Storing experience will cost a small percentage of the bottled xp. It will also calculate in terms of experience and not levels.
  • The Portal Scroll (Home) will teleport you to your bed, but it only has a limited amount of uses!
  • The Portal Scroll (Unstable) will teleport you back to the location where you last used a portal scroll.
  • The Reinforced Elytra allows you to have armor and an Elytra.

Core features (vane-core)​

  • Full localization support, currently provides english (default), german, french and russian.
  • Automatically generated resource pack will provide client side translations
  • Inaccessible commands will not be shown to players (sends "Unknown Command" instead)

Administrative (vane-admin)​

  • The server can be automatically stopped after a specified duration without players. Using this together with vane-waterfall to start the server on demand will allow you to save server resources while nobody is online.
  • Slightly colorized chat message format for better readability
  • Convenience commands for time, weather, gamemode, spawn, ...
  • Hazard protection against creeper/wither explosions, door breaking, ...
  • Stylish world rebuilding after explosion hazards.
  • Whitelist for worlds in which the Wither may be spawned

Permissions (vane-permissions)​

  • Builtin lightweight permissions plugin (permission groups, group inheritance, live editing). For better control, all default permissions are revoked and need to be added explicitly.
  • Players without any permissions cannot alter the world (just look, no touch!)
  • Verified players can vouch for new players with /vouch <player>, which will assign a configured group to the new player.

Multiplayer sleeping (vane-bedtime)​

  • Skip night with 50% of players sleeping
  • Dynmap integration shows player beds

Custom enchantments (vane-enchantments)​

  • Seamless integration of custom enchantments with the vanilla system
  • Wings: Occasionally boost your elytra mid-air by sneaking.
  • Soulbound: Soulbound items will be kept on death. Also prevents yeeting your best tool out of existence.
  • Rake: Tilling farmland again will till the nearest block around it. Use repeatedly on farmland to create a circle.
  • Seeding: Right click your crops to plant crops of the same type around them. Use multiple times to create a circle.
  • Takeoff: Double jump to start gliding with your elytra and receive a small boost.
  • Hell Bent: Don't hurt your head when flying into a wall. Again.
  • Grappling Hook: Finally put that fishing rod to good use!
  • Leafchopper: Remove leaves instantly with your axe. Leaves will drop items as if they decayed naturally.
  • Angel: A legendary enchantment to accelerate your elytra while pressing shift! Gives a more natural feeling than using rockets. Elytra go brrrr! (Replaces Wings)
  • Unbreakable: Well... A legendary enchantment for truly unbreakable items. Extremely expensive. (Replaces Unbreaking and Mending)

Portals (vane-portals)​

  • Build portals of arbitrary shape and orientation to get around easily (even horizontal!)
  • Correctly retains velocity of players, so you can fly through it
  • Apply different styles to portals so they fit your building style
  • Dynmap integration shows icons for global portals

Regions (vane-regions)​

  • Players can buy a patch of land, and may control certain environmental conditions and player permissions for that area
  • Regions created by admins can be used to protect global areas (e.g. spawn).
  • Seamless integration into chest-like menus instead of commands.
  • Integrates with portals to allow only players with the portal permission to operate portals in the region
  • Integrates with dynmap to make regions visible on the online map
  • Visual region selection indicator

Proxy plugin (vane-waterfall)​

  • Authentication multiplexing: Grant players any amount of additional accounts (e.g. useful for secondary spectator accounts). This works by proxying logins from a different port and changing UUIDs.
  • Servers can be started automatically when a player tries to join.
  • ping command to check server ping as received by the proxy.
  • maintenance command to schedule maintenance times. While maintenance is active, players without a bypass permission can't join servers.
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