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  1. Phoenix616

    Plugin Release NotTooExpensive

    Just fyi: You can set the repair cost via API without internals ;)
  2. Phoenix616

    Feedback Old forum can still be used to post

    The old forum should probably be made read-only. 👀
  3. Phoenix616

    Plugin Release Snap! | Run BungeeCord plugins on Velocity

    This is the Seriously Necessary Adapter Plugin to enable plugins written against the BungeeCord or Waterfall API to load and (kinda) run on Velocity. 👀 Please note that this is currently in an experimental state, you should not run this in production without excessive testing! Download latest...
  4. Phoenix616

    Plugin Release VelocityResourcepacks | Manage resourcepacks for servers and whole proxy

    Did you ever want to set one Server Resource Rack for your whole Velocity network? Or set a different pack for a couple of your servers behind your Velocity proxy and got annoyed by Minecraft re-downloading the same pack while switching servers? Then you came to the right place! This plugin...