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  1. Noah

    Question Server Is Only *512M* Even though I Gave it *4 Gigabytes*. How to fix this? (*I Need A Solution Fast*)

    You need to remove/edit the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable, see this tutorial for instructions on how to edit your env variables.
  2. Noah

    Question How to make color codes work?

    You need to set the message contents with setMessage after you replace the &: e.setMessage(e.getMessage().replaceAll("&", "§"));
  3. Noah

    how to use spawnentity and spaun the entity with custom name

    You shouldn't use the ChatColor enum with adventure components (Component.text(ChatColor.GOLD+"villager with custom name")). Instead, use adventure's NamedTextColor: Component.text("villager with custom name", NamedTextColor.GOLD)
  4. Noah

    Question Paper 1.8.8 server, 1.8.9 client can't join

    All 1.8 versions are cross-compatible, this is probably caused by lunar client. Keep in mind though that 1.8 is almost seven years old and no longer supported (for obvious reasons)
  5. Noah

    Question Making commands class file results in nullpointerexception when starting up causing plugin to be disabled

    Did you define your command in plugin.yml? See the page on the bukkit wiki for an example.
  6. Noah

    Plugin Release swap

    FYI, the black arrows aren't really visible with the dark theme (same for your other plugins)
  7. Noah

    Announcement Paper 1.18.2

    Thanks for all the hard work! ❤️ Also, congratulations to @kennytv on having the fifth most popular software development clip of all time on Twitch.
  8. Noah


    Paper is currently in the process of getting updated to 1.18.2. You can follow the progress in the Discord server or on kenny's Twitch stream. In the meanwhile, you can use ViaVersion to allow 1.18.2 players to join your 1.18.1 server.
  9. Noah

    Question Zombification villagers no more than 1

    Set fix-curing-zombie-villager-discount-exploit to false in paper.yml.
  10. Noah

    Question NBT limit interferes with my data pack.

    Sounds like the 'Prevent sending oversized item data' patch. This is only client side, the item should be fine on the server.
  11. Noah

    Question problème de script de démarrage

    Your startup command contains newlines, make sure the entire command is on one line. --- Votre commande de démarrage contient des retours à la ligne, assurez-vous que la commande entière est sur une seule ligne.
  12. Noah

    Question Banners are black for other players

    You're 44 builds behind, try updating first.
  13. Noah

    Question Paper 1.8.8

    Go to the downloads page and click the legacy button.
  14. Noah

    Question Overworld mobs spawning in the end while making enderman farm

    In case you haven't used worldedit to set the biomes yet, here is the plugin cat was talking about: 👇 It'll fix the biomes for end chunks as soon as they're loaded, and it'll ignore chunks that already have the correct biome.
  15. Noah

    Plugin Release NoChatLagServer | Fixes chat lag spikes

    Thanks for letting me know. I've just released a new update that fixes this. When using the standard chat format, it'll inject a miniscule character (greek tonos) in front of the players name, since Minecraft doesn't seem to have any invisible characters.
  16. Noah

    Plugin Release NoChatLagServer | Fixes chat lag spikes

    A couple of days ago, something changed in Mojang's blocked users API, causing the client to not properly load the list of blocked users on start. Because of this, the client will attempt to fetch the blocklist every two minutes when the chat is being rendered. This loading is done on the same...
  17. Noah

    Important survey

    Spig*t has a dark theme ;)
  18. Noah

    you saw nothing wrong mister dab

    you saw nothing wrong mister dab
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    Important survey

  21. Noah

    Announcement Paper 1.18 and more

    Thanks for all the hard work