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  1. MiniDigger

    Automated Testing of PaperMC

    Paper has a junit test suite, some of the tests are more like integration tests, but ye. We want to extend on those eventually, but nobody focused on that yet. We also thought about a big integration test suite but nobody really looked into that yet. Plugins can easily write unit tests too...
  2. MiniDigger

    Typical time after a major or minor Minecraft update that Paper is deemed "stable"?

    We consider Paper stable when we make an announcement stating so. There is no way to guess that beforehand, every update is different, 1.18.2 was way bigger than 1.18.1 for example. Announcement for 1.18.2 was here so its safe for you to update...
  3. MiniDigger

    Announcement Paper 1.18.2

    That clip can't get enough views, sharing here for visibility
  4. MiniDigger


    It is really important, especially in these times, that you only listen to reputable sources. In this case, that's the #1-18-2 channel on our discord, which would tell you that the team is busy at work, most of the things are done, just finishing touching to iron out a few issues so that it's...
  5. MiniDigger

    Suggestion Ability to interact with Paper API through RCON

    I don't think that is worth anybodies time. It also sounds like a giant security issue waiting to be exploited. I would suggest instead checking out graalvm, it allows you to, for example, write paper plugins in javascript, typescript, ruby, R or python at near native performance. you can look...
  6. MiniDigger

    Wow look, I can write in what is objectively the best color 😲

    Wow look, I can write in what is objectively the best color 😲