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    Question Villager update event

    There is the VillagerAcquireTradeEvent event that can be used to modify trades.
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    Question Zombies not breaking doors down in any setting/config

    Run the /difficulty command in the world you are expecting the zombies to break doors in.
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    Question Errors on startup

    You have invalid player skulls somewhere. Mojang recently change something in their API which manages skins, player names, UUIDs and such. And previously valid skulls which make requests (to get the player skin) aren't anymore.
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    Question Console spam

    There are plugins that let you filter logs. This is one such example.
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    Question Incorrect minus coordinates

    If you are playing on the vanilla server, this isn't really the place to ask for support. This is the Paper forums, which is a modified server (aka NOT vanilla).
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    Solved How can i send packet to a player?

    Well, it doesn't look like you are using a supported way of accessing NMS. we only support 1.17+ here and nms via paperweight which deobfuscates all fields/methods/classes to their correct mojang names.
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    Solved How can i add a Custom Enchantment?

    Adding custom enchantments isn't supported by the API. You have to use reflection to allow the registering of new Enchantments (see what the registerEnchantment method does and checks to see if its valid). For some things, you have to use nms (or reflection) to add an enchantment to the NMS...
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    Question How get text from displayName()

    This is a very not good way to get the text. What happens if I set the display name of an itemstack to a translatable component, or some other component type? Casting it to TextComponent isn't going to work then. Like others have said, there are very few legitimate reasons to want the plain text...
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    Question Console spam

    Well the problem is an invalid skull. And if no placed skulls existed in any world, that error wouldn't appear. So you haven't removed all skulls. I think this is due to mojang changing something with their skin/game profile api.
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    Question NBT limit interferes with my data pack.

    Where on the itemstack nbt tag tree is this stored? I think Paper only limits the length in some places. Like is this being added to the Lore or smth?
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    Question Why nbt-tag "Small:1b" doesn't work?

    /summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Small:1b} works fine for me on a paper server. Make sure you are trying this without any plugins or datapacks installed.
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    Solved Hex colors not working on scoreboard

    Correct, but that’s not an entry. The entry itself still doesn’t support anything more than legacy strings. Team prefixes/suffices aren’t the same thing, and yes, they do work.
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    Question Datapack using advancements to run functions on newly spawned item not working.

    Yeah, that's a bug. I'll PR a fix for it. EDIT: Here's the fix
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    Solved Hex colors not working on scoreboard

    In what part of the scoreboard? Entries are just strings, so the only colors that show up there are legacy strings. Which do not work with hex colors. EDIT: ^This is a vanilla client thing, not something that Paper can fix (or spigot, or purpur for that matter) Other parts of the scoreboard...
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    Question Datapack using advancements to run functions on newly spawned item not working.

    Can you post some reproduction steps? And provide the datapack, or a trimmed down datapack that demonstrates what's broken.
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    Question Problems w/ loot table datapack

    You are 100% sure that the attached datapack is the one giving you errors? I don't see how that is possible. Those validation errors suggest the word reference should appear inside that datapack yet when I grep'd the decompressed folder, nothing was found. I would suggest removing all other...
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    Question Banners are black for other players

    Do you still have this problem with no plugins/datapacks installed?
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    Question /trigger command not working

    Works fine on paper 1.17.1-408 Also works fine on paper 1.18.1-175 This is with no plugins or other datapacks.
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    Question /trigger command not working

    You don’t “install” bukkit, you install datapacks. And the command permissions should be fine, that message you are getting is when something doesn’t work with the /scoreboard command. Post exact reproduction steps, and where to get this datapack to I can try to reproduce it without plugins.
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    Question /trigger command not working

    Do you still have the same issue when you remove all other datapacks, and all plugins? I’m guessing you have a plugin that’s changing the players scoreboard. Also, what datapack is this so I can try to replicate your issue?
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    Question /trigger command not working

    What specific message do you get? and can you replicate this without any plugins or other datapacks?
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    Question How to send a title to a player?

    What? That’s the opposite of what it is. All methods for this that “don’t” relate to audiences should be deprecated. Player#showTitle(Title) isn’t deprecated.
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    Question papermc does not load geyser

    I think you should ask geyser support, they've got their own discord. In addition, 1.16.5 is no longer supported here.
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    Solved What Should you add to a pom.xml in order to enable a default config.yml

    I think by default maven will look for resources in src/main/resources. If you want to support filtering, look here.
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    cannot set to an empty path

    Assuming the variable cls is the value you want to be at that key path, yes.
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    cannot set to an empty path

    The first parameter in “set” is the path. And you cannot have a null path. Just remove that line. Paths are separated by . which denotes a new section.
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    Question Update config files after update

    Just to clarify, removing any of those files will just regenerate default ones the next time your server starts. Shouldn't be an issue
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    Question How to compute ground-level height in a flat world (1.18.1)

    There is World#getMinHeight which should return 0 in < 1.18 and -64 in >= 1.18. Can you just add 3 to it to get the ground level?
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    How do I report harassment?

    How do I report harassment?
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    RIP Discourse

    RIP Discourse