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    Question can't connect minecraft server through velocity, when they are using same host (localhost)

    Hi, I use velocity-3.2.0 and paper-1.20.1 on crafty controller 4. these settings are mineproxy: velocity-3.2.0, no plugins. player-info-forwarding: modern server.findy = "" try = [ "findy" ] findy: paper-1.20.1, no plugins: config/paper-global.yml proxies: bungee-cord...
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    Question how to fix settings? velocity and paper use same host (as localhost)

    Hi, I set up paper 1.20.1 as minecraft server and velocity as proxy on crafty controller 4. I set server.propertie's online-mode is false, server-port is 30061. config/paper-globals set to proxies.velocity.enabled = true. but from minecraft client to connect proxy, error message "Connection...