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  1. ryantheleach

    Solved How can i check PersistentDataContainer data in optifine?

    It's probably an escaping issue in whatever file this is. if it's a json key, it should be wrapped in quotes, but I don't know what you are even editing, so :clueless:
  2. ryantheleach

    Solved How can i check PersistentDataContainer data in optifine?

    This is probably a bad idea for a few reasons... 1. I'm not sure if the client ever receives PDC data, or whether it's filtered. 2. Also it forces all your users to use optifine... 3. You shouldn't use the Minecraft namespace, when one based on your plugin name can be used. You can check...
  3. ryantheleach

    Solved How can i load listener from .class file?

    I assume they are trying to make a modular plugin, that only loads the module's it's configured to load, or load remote classes. I assume this, because it's the only reason you would need to mess with attempting to load classes in a bukkit plugin, outside some sort of dynamic reload or skript...
  4. ryantheleach

    Suggestion Ability to interact with Paper API through RCON

    RCON as a protocol is designed to give remote access to the console + some game stats to be compatible with certain game server wrappers. Giving it more power then that is an abuse of the protocol, frankly, and people won't be expecting it. That said, you could always install a plugin that...
  5. ryantheleach

    Plugin Release FarmControl - A farm limiter and governor

    This seems interesting, but the original post fails to communicate by what mechanism mobs are being limited. Do they fail to breed, die, or 'mob stack' ?
  6. ryantheleach

    Evolution of Bukkit/PaperAPI - A wish list

    Continuing from: I would like to see the bukkit.yml, spigot.yml and paper.yml completely reorganized. configuration.yml - Basic server meta-settings. exploits.yml - Anything relating to the change of vanilla behavior, as...
  7. ryantheleach

    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    I hate to gatekeep, but if learning from the example github is too hard, then you will likely struggle with the compatibility issues that arise from using NMS. It's going to get a ton easier with the Mojang Mappings, but I still wouldn't recommend it unless you only plan on supporting a single...
  8. ryantheleach

    Question How to spin an item like this?

    Place the item in the head slot.