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    Custom death message

    event.deathMessage(Component.text("Someone died...", NamedTextColor.RED));
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    Custom death message

    You can provide a component that should become the new death message as an argument to that method to change the death message.
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    Question How To Enable String Dupers

    You cannot enable string dupers.
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    Question Specifying java version in a run.bat

    If you're using the java command directly, it'll use the version set in your PATH environment variable (if you're using Windows). If that's pointing to an older version of Java, it'll try to use that one. When needing to manage multiple different versions, it's generally easier to specify the...
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    Solved How to detect when a player right click with an item.

    You can listen to the PlayerInteractEvent to be notified when a player tries to interact. From there you can check if the action is a right click.
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    NMS error when I use paper

    Your pom.xml has mappings for 1.19, but you're running your code on 1.18.
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    Question How to write the knockback mechanism?

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by writing the knockback mechanism?
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    Question Server shutting down on its own with no players.

    TerminalConsole is generating an error. I'd recommend asking the plugin's developer on how to resolve this.
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    Question Problem with mob farms that require name tags.

    Try replicating this issue without plugins. Also, in the future, please use English.
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    Question i updated and one of my plugins aint working

    You should ask the plugin developers to help you with this. They'll be able to provide better assistance than we can.
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    Question How to use Custom head with GUI

    You need to take the result of PlayerProfile#getTextures(). Then modify the skin via PlayerTextures#setSkin(String) and use the PlayerTextures for PlayerProfile#setTextures(PlayerTextures) again.
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    Question How to use Custom head with GUI

    You can do this by creating a skull item like normal and then using the SkullMeta to change the skin of the skull. You can get the SkullMeta by calling ItemStack#getItemMeta() and casting the result to SkullMeta. From there you can use SkullMeta#setPlayerProfile(PlayerProfile) to change the skin...
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    Question Op members can fly in survival. (I dont want this)

    In the file, the allow-flight option is likely set to true. Try setting this to false and see if it helps.
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    Question Server lags for ~20 seconds with random error

    The GC seems to be taking a long time, try to use Aikar's flags to fix this:
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    Question HELLP

    This is generally an indication that the server is already running. See if there is already a process running for the server and stop it before attempting to start the server again.
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    Servers TPS Loss (Please help)

    This is still related to the plugin ProRPGItems, but also V-MultiEconomics is taking a lot of resources in this report.
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    Question feedback

    The maintainer seems to be JoelYahwehOfWar and they seem to be offering support in their Discord guild here:
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    Lag spikes on server

    Some areas on your server seem to contain quite a few entities. Try to reduce the amount of entities you have in your world.
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    Question feedback

    MoreMobHeads wasn't able to check if an update was available. I'm not familiar with that plugin, but I don't think this would cause any issues. If you want to know for sure, you should ask the maintainers of MoreMobHeads.
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    Servers TPS Loss (Please help)

    The plugin ProRPGItems seems to be taking up a lot of resources, you should probably contact the developer of that plugin so they can look into why the plugin is taking up this much time.
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    Question Unsupported API

    A stacktrace looks something like this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException: Oops! at com.ericgoebelbecker.stacktraces.StackTrace.d( at com.ericgoebelbecker.stacktraces.StackTrace.c( at...
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    Question Unsupported API

    The api-version can be either 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, or 1.19. So, only the first two numbers of the version number should be used.
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    Kick plugin

    You'd want to listen to the PlayerJoinEvent. When the name of the player that joins is "Fniler", you can execute the command (or preferably, use the kick method). Note that what you're asking for sounds a lot like a ban, in which case it may be easier to simply ban this player.
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    Solved for loop readline != null always returning null

    There's nothing wrong with putting a for loop inside an if statemenet, although it is generally better to separate different commands into different methods/classes to avoid cluttering up your code. Perhaps you were reading data from the wrong file?
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    Question Unsupported Java detected (62.0). Only up to Java 15 is supported

    It seems to me like you aren't running the latest PaperMC version, since the latest PaperMC version works with Java 17 or higher. Maybe check if you made the right changes to your batch file?
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    Question No Chat!

    If Java clients are able to chat, this sounds like a Geyser issue to me. You should probably ask Geyser people for support, since they'll know better how to help you.
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    Question server java errrors

    That is part of a stacktrace from an exception that occured on the server. Please provide the entire exception so we can see what the actual issue is.
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    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    If it works locally but not on Minehut, you'll probably want to talk to Minehut about this.
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    Question 17-18 player TPS problem

    You seem to have quite a few villagers, try reducing their numbers.