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  1. electronicboy

    Question server crash help?

    Considering that that exception came from the watchdog thread, that error is not the cause of your crash, that looks to likely be a side-effect of corrupted server state as for the actual "crash", your server apparently took too long to tick, you'd need to provide the full log, or at least the...
  2. electronicboy

    Question OP Level dont work

    bukkit permission system doesn't really care about op levels, you'd best just be using perms
  3. electronicboy

    Question I get this error when starting the server and i dont know how to handle

    delete paper-global.yml is the easy option, otherwise, work out why the file is broken and fix it
  4. electronicboy

    Question server keeps on crashing on launch

    corrupted level.dat file
  5. electronicboy

    Question I get this error when starting the server and i dont know how to handle

    borked global paper config file
  6. electronicboy

    Question The server crashed at startup

    You're running the server in an environment with the DISPLAY variable set, but, it can't talk to the server You'll want to unset that variable in your start script (or really, work out why it's leaking)
  7. electronicboy

    Question Paper Server Error

    Your config is invalid, specifically the "optimize-explosions" setting
  8. electronicboy

    Help to find lag causes

    calling getChunk will load the chunk, you shouldn't be messing with that stuff off the main thread anyways
  9. electronicboy

    Help to find lag causes

    chunk loads are async, but, there are cases where we have to wait for them to load in order to allow something to occur In this case, you have something, likely a plugin, loading chunks off the main thread. Due to how much of a pain this is to actually turn this into an async chunk load for...
  10. electronicboy

    Question Velocity BungeeCord Messaging Channel caching

    Velocity doesn't implement the message queue, I think that there was a plugin somewhere which reimplemented the bungee messaging system WITH that feature
  11. electronicboy

    Question How to make plugin library structure for multiple NMS version support?

    There are plugins to do aggregate javadocs for gradle, which is what you want if you're gonna combine stuff; otherwise the things upset because you're not publishing to the local maven repo which is apparently what jitpack expects
  12. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    Did you update java or something? can you try a fresh server? You have something corrupted somewhere
  13. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    jars are jars; You have the plugins folder, and then you also have the libraries that the server itself (as well as plugins) use in the libraries folder; then there's the actual patched server jar in the versions folder
  14. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    delete all jars then?
  15. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    You have an improperly signed/corrupted jar; all I can advise is to start yanking plugins or something
  16. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    remove them one by one and work out which one is broken and speak to the plugin devs
  17. electronicboy

    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    The world gen crash thing is irrelevant, that's the thing being upset trying to dump out debug information for the crash report when the server isn't fully started yet. Your issue is that you apparently have an improperly signed jar in your plugins folder
  18. electronicboy

    Question Chunk unloading core mechanics

    A chunk will be unloaded when there is no ticket keeping the chunk loaded (and the chunk manager does it work; paper will keep chunks loaded with a "delay" ticket in some cases to prevent spurradic reloading of chunks in some cases")
  19. electronicboy

    ItemMeta → String → ItemMeta

    for Configuration, you just store the ItemStack inside of a YamlConfiguration object, as you do with anything else you want to store inside of a config; for b64, there are methods in paper to encode an ItemStack into a byte array, which you can then deal with however you want, people often just...
  20. electronicboy

    ItemMeta → String → ItemMeta

    ItemMeta is configuration serialisable, it's just complex because, it's a complex data structure. You'd just shove it in a bukkit configuration object, or serialise the item to base64 if you don't need to care about mutation
  21. electronicboy

    Question Servers TPS Loss (Please help)

    1) reduce entities 2) Many "anti lag" plugins try to treat the symptoms of lag, rather than fixing the root cause of them, and thus create more issues than they solve. Your server isn't meeting the mob spawn cap, and is thus eating more than 1/10th of a tick trying to spawn mobs 3)...
  22. electronicboy

    Question 1.19.2 Entities on a team are not being detected.
  23. electronicboy

    Solved BlockEvent

    You can only listen to events that have a HandlerList on them (See the javadocs, they'll either have a getHandlerList() method on them, or in a parent class; Event firing just basically walks up the class hierarchy until it finds a handler list
  24. electronicboy

    Announcement Malware Announcement

    I mean, the thing modifies every jar in the server folder in order to inject it's payload which installs the malware to the OS itself. That payload is what downloads the thing to make your machine join the CNC server, and do whatever the heck it wants. every jar in your server folder is borked...
  25. electronicboy

    Announcement Malware Announcement

    The thing infects other jars, and installs a system service to partake in acts from its CNC
  26. electronicboy

    Suggestion Add a "search for a post titel" to filter options.

    Is there a way to add that with Xenforo?
  27. electronicboy

    Question Velocity proxied connections to bungeecord

    proxy in proxy is 100% unsupported; You'd need to have everything behind the first proxy in offline mode, AND, you'd lose players UUID/IP addresses from the backend servers unless you patched bungeecord to support incoming forwarding data.
  28. electronicboy

    Question Why can no one join?

    You have an outdated plugin, enable debug in and look at the full error
  29. electronicboy

    Question minecraft 1.18.2 server not starting

    tried a new level? what hardware?
  30. electronicboy

    Question 1.19.2 papermc compile without patch error

    Patches describe changes, if patch 30 makes changes to the same area of code as patch 20, and you delete 20, it can cause issues as now it doesn't know how to apply the changes, as now the tree looks different when it gets there without the earlier changes