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    Question random tp

    Hi, If you wish to do this without any additional plugin, you could have a look to the spreadplayers command. You can combine if with the execute command using block detection.
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    Question [Solved] Chunk reading errors

    Thank you for the warning. I've changed my way of doing things. Instead of having everything on W11 being accessed by WSL, the whole server is now on the WSL part with the "plugins" folder being a symlink to my compilation output directory. No chunk errors and the plugin loads just fine.
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    Question [Solved] Chunk reading errors

    I should add that this is not happening when I run the server on W11. It only happen with WSL Upon joining the server running on W11, I'm greeted by this (a lot more in the console, for a lot of chunks): [17:03:28 ERROR]: Detected invalid header for regionfile...
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    Question [Solved] Chunk reading errors

    Hi, I'm back on the plugin development train after a while (last time I coded was on 1.15). I've downloaded a fresh jar file, started the server, logged in and moved: [16:33:13 WARN]: Failed to read chunk [25, 33] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative position at...