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    Mojang chat report

    I don't mean this in a sardonic way -- I truly don't -- but do you earnestly believe that there is a negligible chance of false positive situations despite the existence of multiple categories that are extremely broad and vague? If so, do you earnestly believe that an adult, playing on a...
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    Typical time after a major or minor Minecraft update that Paper is deemed "stable"?

    I run a small private server for my friends and me, so I don't have to worry about many of the things that commercial servers do. However, I still take great care to keep the server in good shape and follow best practices. It is currently running the last 1.18.1 build + ViaVersion for 1.18.2...
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    Whoops -- meant to ask if that was true or not. I guess I should probably start using Discord. Thank you for the help.
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    I forget where I saw this, but I have heard that Paper sometimes does not update for "minor releases." Is 1.18.2 considered by Paper to be a minor release, or do they plan on updating for it? Thanks.