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  1. KianFakheriAghdam

    How to get the appropriate tool for mining a block?

    There are both Block.isValidTool() & Block.isPreferredTool() but they tell you if the block will drop something if you mine it with that tool. I want to know which tool can be used to mine the block faster. For example for dirt, a shovel. For oak logs, an axe & for wool, shears. I can use...
  2. KianFakheriAghdam

    Question Questions regarding custom item creation.

    I've added a knife item to my plugin but I have a couple of issues. I needed an unstackable item with durability. I've seen a lot of people use a carrot on a stick, but that attracts pigs; So I went with a wooden sword. Was there a better item I could've used? A wooden sword's durability is...