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  1. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release RPGSprint - A Minecraft RPG-Style Sprint Plugin

    RPGSprint Download | Source Code | Configuration RPGSprint is a plugin that adds "stamina" to sprinting in Minecraft, ideal for RPG-Style servers who wish to discourage players from running around constantly. You may find the configuration above to give some insight into this plugin. Features...
  2. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release EcoMythic - Bring EcoItems, EcoArmor, & StatTracker to MythicMobs

    EcoMythic Download | Source Code Bring EcoItems, EcoArmor, & StatTracker to MythicMob drops. Features: No Extra Config Files (Put it right into your MythicMob configs!) Easy implementation Dependencies: MythicMob (Recommend 4.14.2+) Eco (Recommend 6.20.3+) Soft Dependencies EcoItems...
  3. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release SimplisticPing - A Ping Plugin

    SimplisticPing Download | Source Code Why a ping plugin? Well, because I couldn't find a good one, that's why. Features: MiniMessage Support Auto Tab Complete Updated to 1.18.2 Permissions that make sense There isn't any extra stuff in it. No relying on other plugins for /ping or using...