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  1. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Server can't keep up...

    Hello, I think that you have to pre generate the world chunks. Because the Server have issues to save the worlds. You can use Chunky or Fast Chunk Pregenerator. Also you can use the Management Scripts to set a ram limit for the Server.
  2. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Slow unplayable chunk loading.

    Hello, you can try this plugin to pre generate chunks faster. But I didn't found any plugin that pre loads chunks per player (like it pre- loads 30 chunks if the player have 15 view distance.)
  3. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Mojang.Authlib.exceptions Issue

    Hello, i would like it, if you tell us more informations like what server version you use, instead of showing the server log with ipv4 adresses. But i think that you forgot to delete/change things by changeing the software, also please take a look here:
  4. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question How to enable all dupes that exist in vanilla game?

    Yes you can use this plaugin: or does the "allow-piston-duplication: false" (to disable it) also work?
  5. CrazyCloudCraft

    Poll for the thread "Mojang chat report"

    Hello, I would like what you think about the Mojang chat report. Using the poll module. This is only a futher thread from:
  6. CrazyCloudCraft

    \u0000 Character Displaying Block

    You have to change the default.json in the font directory. Also i would recommend using this plugin instead:µŋemojis-add-emojis-to-the-minecraft-chat.96402/
  7. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Server Lags when ever a player dies and respawns or teleports [1.19-28]

    At first you should restart your server, because how longer a server is online without restarting, it could get issues. Also @EterNity should make a answer here
  8. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Tabcomplete

    Hello, you may look into github codes form tabcomplete hide plugins. e.g.
  9. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Unknown reason for server crash on startup.

    Hello, ask questions is completely okey and we're not angry about normal questions. I think you can fix that with this reddit post:
  10. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Chunk Relocation

    You can try to open that world in your own launcher. And after that you put the map on the Server.
  11. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Paper 1.16.5

    You can find the legacy downloads here: But i wouldn't recommend that, because there is no support anymore. Only of you use Spigot software, you get support.
  12. CrazyCloudCraft

    Guide Paper | Velocity > server manage scipts

    Hello again, the server manage scripts have a new update! (v2.5.2.2) View and setup:
  13. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question How to change server gamemode on ubuntu server

    You can edit the server.propeties in your server folder. (with nano or joe editor)
  14. CrazyCloudCraft

    Redirect old Velocity plugin page to new one

    Okey, i think that this should be also reported under the Suggestion & Feedback section and not only under discussion.
  15. CrazyCloudCraft

    Redirect old Velocity plugin page to new one

    But you can just create a new one on the forums. So, you mean, that the old forum posts are not in the new forum, right? Or do you mean, that in other wikis there is liked the old post and then you klick it you just come to the without the post/article.
  16. CrazyCloudCraft

    Redirect old Velocity plugin page to new one

    May this can help you
  17. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Does anyone know how to change the type of server that appears when pressing F3?

    You can use F3Name for changeing the server type in the debug screen to something else. With /gamerule reducedDebugInfo true you can disable things like the xyz location (you can also use NoPos plugin, if this doesn't work) And for the /version output i found this...
  18. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Feedback requested (unable to reduce lag on my server)

    Yes, "game fixing" configuration guides are not the right way. (I think btw. there is a perfomance issue with entitys) But there are tips what you can do. Like in this post here, but performance is a part were you can't go far anymore, especially for Paper.
  19. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Feedback requested (unable to reduce lag on my server)

    Hello, if you want to have a better performance, i recommend reading this post: written by @EterNity but if you didn't understand timings you can use the birdflop dc bot: (we didn't recommend it)
  20. CrazyCloudCraft

    Low TPS - Scheduled Blocks (SELF)

    Please also read this post:
  21. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Silverfish not "summoning" other silverfish when poisoned

    Pease, get the log or files like paper.yml to get the right answer. Otherwise the owner of the console have to send a question with the files.
  22. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Error after startup
  23. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Error after startup

    Hello 1. Your Question header should called: Server is stopping every time then a player joins 2. You should update your software. The best way to do this is to use this start/stop scripts: 3. After that view if there is this error and report it...
  24. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Help reading timings report

    Hello, for users, who didn't understand timings i recommend using a bot called birdflop . This bot reads the timings to create a better report. Output from the bot for your timings: Timings Analysis These are not magic values. Many of these settings...
  25. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Failed To Bind Port

    1. Thats fine that some plugins need a port. 3. Yes, but i would recommend using ports near 2556* because some ports aren't shown up any more. Because they are to high. 4. You can set ports in a configuration of netstat, to open them for the outside, e.g. 22 for ssh and 25565 for Bungeecord (on...
  26. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Datapack Dimensions Not Loading

    You have to create a Single Player world, where you put the datapacks in. After that you go to your saves in the .minecraft folder ( %appdata% for windows) and zip your world folder were your datapack are. Then you move the zip to your server. If the zip is in your serverfolder you can unzip it...
  27. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Failed To Bind Port

    At first, plugins can't open/close ports. 2. Check that the port of bungeecord is 25565 (default for java) 3. use this configuration and add all servers: (yes all) server_connect_timeout: 5000 listeners: - query_port: 25577 motd: None tab_list: GLOBAL_PING query_enabled: false...
  28. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Plugins + mods?

    Yea, Mohist is a very wierd software, by me (on a test server) it works, but without knowing of it's savety
  29. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Plugins + mods?

    Yes and that is very compliecated. Mohist wants to run the mods and the plugin good, but they chanced some things in the main api's. You can read this to understand all that
  30. CrazyCloudCraft

    Question Plugins + mods?

    Yes you can do that with MohistMC or you use only bukkit api with forge then you can take You can also take for Mohist the custom server startsripts form here: