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  1. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release MiniPlaceholders | Component-based Placeholders for Paper and Velocity

    Have you ever wanted a placeholder plugin with support for hovers, click events, translatable messages, gradients and all kinds of formats? MiniPlaceholder makes it possible. The plugin has 2 built-in expansions and more external ones. See the complete list here Commands: Velocity...
  2. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release VLobby | Lobby commands with multilobby support

    VLobby Lobby commands with support for multiple lobbies and different distribution modes Features Add as many commands as you like as lobby commands Add as many servers as you want to count as lobbies Choose between different shipping modes between lobbies. For example, send to the emptiest...
  3. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release LogFilter | Filter messages sent to your console

    Filter messages sent to your console by using a regular filter or a regex filter
  4. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release KickRedirect | Redirect your players to a server after a server shutdown

    KickRedirect Redirect your players to another server after the shutdown of the server they were on This plugin allows you to further customize the try option in the Velocity configuration, allowing you to redirect to specific servers that are not in that list, select a random or more empty...
  5. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release AuthMeVelocity | AuthmeReloaded support for Velocity

    AuthMeVelocity This plugin adds the support for Velocity to AuthMeReloaded Requirements Paper, Pufferfish, Purpur (or any paperfork 1.13+) Velocity 3.0.1+ Java 16 Features Adds AuthmeReloaded support to Velocity Prevents command execution, server switching, chat and more through Velocity in...
  6. 4drian3d

    Plugin Release ChatRegulator | A global chat regulator for Velocity

    Features Message control via regex Control of messages sent in specific commands Controls the number of consecutive equal characters allowed Controls the repetition of the same messages or commands several times in a row. Sends warning messages, actionbars o titles to the offender in...