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  1. EterNity

    Mojang chat report

    The latest information has been dropped and it addresses some issue and area of concern again.
  2. EterNity

    Mojang chat report

    You must never ride a bus in your life... saying anything outlined in the official Mojang guideline in a bus in any developed country will 100% get you kicked off the bus... Regardless, you are completely wrong on your assessment as electronicboy had already pointed out above me. I suggest...
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    Mojang chat report

    I think we should based the information on real source not pure speculation as your last sentence.
  4. EterNity

    About Skins restorer 1.19

    You can enable online mode=true in to ensure the player skin is being properly forwarded to the server.
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    Question How to enable all dupes that exist in vanilla game?

    Those duplications are fixed on Paper without an option to re-enable them. You can either allow creative mode or use Vanilla server jar if you would like to enable those exploits.
  6. EterNity

    Mojang chat report

    Using reddit subs. a website that's frequently being called out as echo chamber, isn't really a great source of creditability when you try to claim "majority" of people that you talked to disagree with the upcoming changes. Loud vocal minority is playing strong here. You are also hosting a game...
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    Announcement Paper 1.19

    When will spotttedlef wake up??
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    Announcement Paper 1.19

    yay go Paper! 🚀
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    Question Clearing chunks to allow regeneration

    You can look into using MCA Selector and set to delete chunk with low inhabited time should do the trick. DO MAKE A BACKUP FIRST and verify backup works before you perform this.
  10. EterNity

    Question Server TPS is very low with one player

    Additionally install Spark and generate a report
  11. EterNity

    Question Server TPS is very low with one player

    Can you grab an official paper jar from and remake your timings report? Thank you.
  12. EterNity

    Question Server running into TPS issues

    First try to reduce your overall entity counts as they account for 40% of your server workload. Read over this section and find a good value for your server and run with it for tonight then generate another set of timings and spark reports then we can see any additional change is needed. Read...
  13. EterNity

    Question Server running into TPS issues

    Can you please provide a timings and spark report? Run the following commends and post link either here or on discord… /timings report /spark profiler --only-ticks-over 50
  14. EterNity

    Question Help reading timings report

    Alternatively, you can read over this post and actually understand what you are changing… next time, you can come into PaperMC discord for additional and often time faster help (ping me if you needed). I am personally not a fan of changing stuff that's not broken or not having issues and that’s...
  15. EterNity

    Low TPS - Scheduled Blocks (SELF)

    The primary performance issues comes from schedule blocks (think liquid, redstone, commendblocks, etc) On your region tab on timing, it is shown that you have a tons of repeating commend blocks and you will need to fly around that area to find them. Additionally, I suggest you use this...
  16. EterNity

    Question log4j2 bug fixes

    Yes all version from legacy page are patched. 是的,这里官方旧页面的所有版本都已修补。
  17. EterNity

    Question All player advancements reset?

    Deleting those 3 files should not have any effect on that. Try to recreate it on Paper first before asking. (You will do this by restoring from a backup and launch the server with an official Paper jar)
  18. EterNity

    Question log4j2 bug fixes

    All version obtainable from official Paper website are patched. 所有可从 Paper 官方网站下载的所有版本均已修补。
  19. EterNity

    Question Mobs Not Spawning

    Please provide clear and concise information as much as possible as you stated no mobs was spawning but now adding on that there was indeed 4... Grab a timing report with the commend /timings report and post the link here so we can get the necessary information in one go, thank you.
  20. EterNity

    Question Mobs Not Spawning

    Please re-create without plugin if you have any installed. Additionally, ensure the difficulty is not set to peaceful on the world you are in. (The config option is per-world so you would need to be in the creative world and run /difficulty hard to confirm this.
  21. EterNity

    Announcement Paper 1.18.2

    Thanks for all the hardwork. Mini message is love <3
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    Question How to download paper 1.16.5 Scroll down to legacy page and utilize your reading skill!
  23. EterNity

    Question Illamango's gold xp farm stops working after like 5 minutes

    Run /paper mobcaps and /paper playermobcaps when the farm stops working and see if the cap is reached. Otherwise test without plugins. Additionally look through all steps called out here on this blogpost.
  24. EterNity

    Question Chunk loading not working (1.18.1)- Wither Mob Switch

    Looks into using vanilla or fabric if you want to use a mob switch.
  25. EterNity

    Question 1.18.1 Problems with mob spawning

    Sorry for the late reply but that's probably working as intended. Without knowing your config (since you did not include it), make sure your per-player-mob-spawns is set to true in paper.yml and then read this section below...
  26. EterNity

    Question Fix new chunk exploit

    The 1.16 is fortunately no longer supported and will not get any more updates. I think most hack client can determine if a chunk is new or not with other means anyway so fix-chunk-inhabited-time wouldn't prevent anyone to trace player footpath.
  27. EterNity

    Question Villagers and Iron Farm - 1.18.1 v173

    Thanks for the following up. I will note that in case other people has similar issue in the future.
  28. EterNity

    Question I having hard time optimizing my server like 1 week but it don't get better

    That timings of yours is a classic example of stacker being a really horrible idea. Please remove stacker and set a proper entity cap in bukkit.yml. Your mobspawning accounts for almsot 40% of your ticks because technically you aint hitting the mob caps as the mob is being stacked endlessly...
  29. EterNity

    Question Villagers and Iron Farm - 1.18.1 v173

    Firstable, I want you to check to ensure there are no other villagers within 32 blocks (2 chunks radius) of your farm. Then, double check your simulation distances, you have to be within the range for the chunk to be loaded and also within the activation range for the farm to be at its full...
  30. EterNity

    Question Villagers and Iron Farm - 1.18.1 v173

    What's being observed on Paper server? You did not include it on the original post. What's the iron farm design? Can you include a screenshot of it? What do you want to know about wake up inactive?