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  1. LoJoSho

    Question No other files are created, only the cache folder.

    Your batch file has @ java rather than just java. An example of mine is: @echo off java -Xmx4G -Xms4G -jar server.jar --nogui PAUSE I would recommend looking into Aikar flags as well,
  2. LoJoSho

    Announcement Paper & Velocity 1.20(.1)

    Love to see it <3
  3. LoJoSho

    Timings not cretae paper

    I would also recommend Spark, but to the main issue, the server your jar is uploading its Timings to was shut down ( You are running PurPur 1.16.5, which is very out of date. You can either move to the Paper jar which uses Aikars site, update your server to the latest...
  4. LoJoSho

    Announcement Paper 1.19

    Glad the configurations are finally getting the attention they deserve, thank you for your hard work everyone! <3
  5. LoJoSho

    Question Attack cooldown texture issue

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition doesn't have an attack cooldown as Minecraft Java Edition has. Geyser bridges this gap by sending a title (text that appears middle of the screen) to show Bedrock players their attack cooldown.
  6. LoJoSho

    Question Sight distance cannot be changed

    No idea what you are trying to do, links do not work, they simply show the following image. There are two places you can change view distance and simulation distances, view-distance=8 simulation-distance=4 You can also modify the values in spigot.yml, if you prefer having...
  7. LoJoSho

    Solved Paper 1.18.2

    If you are connecting from Bedrock (Android, IOS, Xbox, Playstation, Windows 10 Edition) to a Java Edition server, then you need Floodgate and Geyser as plugins on your Java server to accept Bedrock clients. You can find a full guide on how to set this up here...
  8. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release RPGSprint - A Minecraft RPG-Style Sprint Plugin

    RPGSprint Download | Source Code | Configuration RPGSprint is a plugin that adds "stamina" to sprinting in Minecraft, ideal for RPG-Style servers who wish to discourage players from running around constantly. You may find the configuration above to give some insight into this plugin. Features...
  9. LoJoSho

    Announcement Paper 1.18.2

    Thank you for bringing MiniMessage to the Paper API ❤️
  10. LoJoSho

    Question Hey my server isn't running

    Assuming you are running Windows, typically, you use a batch to launch a Minecraft server, you don't just click it. Create a text file and name it "start.bat", then open it up in notepad, put the following in the bat files: @ECHO OFF java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar --nogui...
  11. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release EcoMythic - Bring EcoItems, EcoArmor, & StatTracker to MythicMobs

    EcoMythic Download | Source Code Bring EcoItems, EcoArmor, & StatTracker to MythicMob drops. Features: No Extra Config Files (Put it right into your MythicMob configs!) Easy implementation Dependencies: MythicMob (Recommend 4.14.2+) Eco (Recommend 6.20.3+) Soft Dependencies EcoItems...
  12. LoJoSho

    Solved How can i load listener from .class file?

    I am confused about what are you doing... Typically, this is show you handle registering a listener: public final class Main extends JavaPlugin { @Override public void onEnable() { this.getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents(new PlayerPunch(), this); }...
  13. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release LibertyBans

    Recently switched from Litebans to Libertybans and can't say I would go back. Geyser support, easy setup (and migration), and fast support are all amazing to have with LibertyBans! Thank you @A248 for making this amazing plugin 🙂
  14. LoJoSho

    Announcement Paper 1.18 and more

    Thank you for continuing to make Paper amazing! 🎉
  15. LoJoSho

    Plugin Release SimplisticPing - A Ping Plugin

    SimplisticPing Download | Source Code Why a ping plugin? Well, because I couldn't find a good one, that's why. Features: MiniMessage Support Auto Tab Complete Updated to 1.18.2 Permissions that make sense There isn't any extra stuff in it. No relying on other plugins for /ping or using...