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    Question [1.18.2] Low Server TPS

    Try creating a new paper server with 100% stock settings and getting 3 people on it. If that still has the same problem it's likely the host. If it doesn't you know it's a misconfiguration. In the latter case try adding back your server settings ie: properties, start flags paper & spigot.yml...
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    Plugin Release KaBoom - Ballistic Explosion Debris [1.18]

    Update 1.7.0 Spigot Support Added more fun/debug commands
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    Plugin Release Velocity Command Blocker - fully block commands using regex and permissions

    Update 1.1.1 This update fixes an issue affecting all platforms (spigot, bungee and velocity) in where they fail to call a TabCompleteEvent when a ServerboundCommandSuggestionPacket is sent requesting completions for a root command node. Normally a client cannot request completions for a root...
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    By "no, there isn't" are you referring to the lack of a plugin.yml in the final jar? If not: If you inspect the compiled jar does the ${project.version} get replaced properly? Otherwise I wouldn't be able to help you as i'm not much of a gradle person.
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    Yes as i stated in my post I misread your thread. Does the jarfile contain the plugin.yml at all if you open it with a program such as 7zip? My thought is you might be relying on the maven-resources plugin to do some placeholder replacement that isn't being done now.
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    Plugin Release Velocity Command Blocker - fully block commands using regex and permissions

    Command Blocker Command Blocker blocks commands from being ran, tabbed or even sent to the client at all. In other words It's a real command blocker plugin. Config Snippet In-game demo Commands are blocked by filters; each filter has it's own permission that can be used to either apply or...
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    Nevermind, misread the post. Still may apply to some people interested in NMS or who use maven I know this was marked as solved but questions like this come up a lot. Hopefully this helps explains some things. First you'll need to install the latest remapped jar to your local repository I use...
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    Plugin Release KaBoom - Ballistic Explosion Debris [1.18]

    Update: 1.6.1 Fixed coreprotect not logging initial explosion properly
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    Question Minimal Survival Server Specs.

    Depends what you do on that server and on the single thread performance of that CPU If it's just a normal SMP with ~10 (perhaps 16) view distance I'd say that would do fine. Obviously if you build intensive farms/contraptions you'll need more CPU grunt.
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    Question World dimension issue

    If you're talking about how bukkit extracts DIMs into their own worlds; It's done that for as long as I can remember. This seems like a biome issue more than anything else. Come to think of it I did hear of some ender biome issues at some point in paper. I don't remember what builds where...
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    Question World dimension issue

    You could install Fast Async Worldedit and create a huge cuboid selection, //expand vert, turn on //fast and use //setbiome the_end You could also use MCEdit. (May need to relog to see changes)
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    Important survey

    Yes (no) but actually yes.
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    Plugin Release Bungee Command Blocker - fully block commands using regex and permissions

    Update: 1.3.2 Fixed config folder being named bukkitcommandblocker (sorry)
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    Question Paper server uses too much RAM

    If this is pterodactyl (or anything else using docker containers) I'd recommend you see this: TLDR: java fails to see memory limits imposed by docker and only sees how much free memory the system has.