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    Mojang chat report

    Just to be completely clear, you can do whatever you want with your server. It is your server. You can achieve this with plugins. Paper won't outright disable this feature for the sake of disabling it or provide a config to do so. However, this can easily be done with a plugin and I'm sure one...
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    Question Mojang.Authlib.exceptions Issue

    Unfortunately, this does not have much to do with Paper at all and could not have been caused by migrating to it. When a player joins your server, the server must authenticate the player with Mojang to ensure they are playing with a valid Minecraft account. When Paper has tried to do this for...
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    Question Maximum TNT Explosions

    Change max-tnt-per-tick in spigot.yml.
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    Plugin Release GravityControl - Sand Dupe Enabler for Paper Servers

    This isn't something that gravitycontrol will cause. It does not delete or overwrite any blocks. Please upload a screenshot/schematic/world download for replication of this issue.
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    Question Sand duper not working, how to fix?

    paper changes a lot of things. it isn't vanilla and aims to fix bugs. other similar things you might run into is that you will no longer be able to cure a villager multiple times for further discount. Mojang has confirmed this as a bug. you can enable this by setting...
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    Question Sand duper not working, how to fix?

    if you rely on any other bugs like tnt duping, you will want to enable them in paper.yml. instructions for how to do this are linked in my previous reply.
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    Question Sand duper not working, how to fix?

    In addition to supporting plugins, Paper also patches many bugs. To enable sand duping, you can install a community plugin. configuration in paper.yml for other dupes may also be of interest.
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    Question Help please

    Unfortunately, only versions 1.17+ of paper (the ones you can access on our downloads page without saying you won't not ask for support) are supported.
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    z4x's Discord ban appeal

    This would be something on Discord's end, you'd be best off reaching out to their support. there is nothing we can do.
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    Yeah, that makes sense. By doing that you are completely bypassing paperweight and Gradle, as well as not including your plugin.yml. I don't think that specific configuration would have worked normally either, but I'm not too familiar with the built-in build configs. What you'll want to do is...
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    or, rather: what are you clicking to build it? (screenshot is fine). Additionally, what jar are you looking at? as in where is it being output to/what is it named. Apologies for the confusion.
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    Solved How to use NMS with Paper?

    Could you please pastebin your build.gradle.kts file? And additionally what command are you running to generate the jar?
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    Question Iron golem farms

    what is your farm design? a screenshot or link to something online would be helpful
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    Paper and Bedrock

    Geyser and floodgate are what you would be looking for. It is the best (and really only) solution for this. In terms of that thread, that isn't a common issue and likely not one that you will run into. Unfortunately, there isn't enough detail given there (a log) to determine what the problem...
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    Question how to make cooldown per command using ArrayList

    Unfortunately, this is an English forum only (did you google translate this java to Russian? This makes absolutely no sense), and 1.12 is not supported. 1.17.1 and 1.18.1 and the only currently supported versions