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    Question Datapack Dimensions Not Loading

    I have two datapacks on my server, Terralith and one that I made. They work just fine on singleplayer, so the datapacks are fine, and other stuff is loading, I can see some of the changes in the vanilla biomes Terralith overhauls. However, it seems everything is loading except custom dimensions...
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    Question Vanilla Permissions Not Applying

    Wait, I just had to update my Paper version. Sorry, everyone!
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    Question Vanilla Permissions Not Applying

    I am developing a server roles plugin, and I am trying to add only teleport and kick perms to the staff role. Here is my code: I know the permission init stuff works, as I do get these permissions. However, they don't seem to do anything. I have also tried the following (I will only show for...
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    Suggestion Ability to interact with Paper API through RCON

    I think the title explains it pretty well. Right now with RCON, you can call MC commands, and that's it. I think that Paper should have the ability to connect the API to RCON, mainly for cross-coding language support. Even though it wouldn't be quite as efficient as a true plugin, you can now...
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    Question Script wiping player's hotbar

    This script (attached) is supposed to keep the player's hotbar, armor and offhand. However, it does the opposite and wipes those instead. I've looked over this code many times, and I'm not sure the problem. Thanks for any help!