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    Suggestion SVG Support

    I can lend credence that SVG images don't seem to function as intended. When I initially posted a plugin in the Plugin Releases category, the images rendered with the same large X mark. In the preview display, before creating the thread, were the images rendered correctly. This was January 4...
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    Solved What Should you add to a pom.xml in order to enable a default config.yml

    You need to clarify what it is that you want to do. If you want to include the config.yml in your plugin jar, place the config.yml inside src/main/resources. By default, src/main/resources will be packaged into your plugin.
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    Plugin Release GravityControl - Sand Dupe Enabler for Paper Servers

    Liberate your server from the anti-dupe bourgeoisie - I approve! Power to the users : )
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    Plugin Release LibertyBans

    Free software and high quality, LibertyBans is the best-designed punishment plugin. It can efficiently scale to large networks and operate on single servers with minimal resources. Design Effective and lightweight. No complicated installation and avoids unnecessary features. Option to use...