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    e.setCancelled should return the actual cancel status

    Please take a look at the Builder Design pattern
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    Question Batch file doesn't detect java 17

    You'll need to change the environment variable that matches with your java installation
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    Question Instanced Chest Loot Plugin

    It seems possible. Somethings might need to use packets so maybe using ProtocolLib would be a good help.
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    Solved mobs not spawning on my 1.18.1 minecraft server

    I'd suggest checking WorldGuard global flags and your spigot and bukkit config files (specifically the mob limit sections)
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    How can I store an object like ArrayList in the persistent data container?

    What are you trying to achieve exactly (might be an XY problem). Regardless, I would say if your storing something like a list of strings then store the list as a single string with a delimiter. Storing something like an object seems overkill for PDC but you could store each property into...
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    Question Batch file doesn't detect java 17

    What does java -version return?
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    Question Paper 1.8.8 server, 1.8.9 client can't join

    You're unlikely going to get support for a legacy version. I suggest asking elsewhere and actually reading the disclaimer that comes with downloading this version for your own sake